Our Biodiversity Collaboration with The Lexicon this May Half Term

What a fun and exciting May Half Term we had! We are thrilled that our biodiversity collaboration with The Lexicon in Bracknell was a big success. Thank you to everyone who attended. Across the week we explored five key themes centred around biodiversity. These were Birds, Bugs, Butterflies, Blooms and Bees. We ran classes throughout […]

Companion Planting

Tomatoes and Marigolds

Companion planting is a lovely topic to talk about with children. You can discuss friendships in nature with them and how different plants can help one another to grow by protecting each other. Here are a few examples of what grows well together in the garden. Tomatoes and Marigolds Tomatoes are a great example to […]

10 Things To Do In Your Garden This Spring

Daffodil Close Up

Spring is a wonderful time of year to explore nature with your children and you don’t need to go any further than your garden to do it. Here are 10 things to do with your children in the garden this Spring. Create Land Art Use stones, leaves, flowers or grass from the garden to create […]

Top 5 Gardening Tips for Children


As well as being lots of fun, gardening for children is a great way to explore their senses, learn about nature, and develop an interest in healthy living.  Gardening is also a fantastic way to spend time together outdoors as a family. Here are some of our top tips for gardening with children. 1. Take […]

10 things to find with your children this spring

Spring Blossom

Spring is a lovely time of year to be outside with your children and nature provides plenty to keep little ones entertained. Here are some ideas of things to look out for. 1. Lambs – Spring is lambing season so next time you’re out on a nature walk see if you can spot any little lambs […]

Daffodil Games and Crafts


Daffodils are commonly known as Spring trumpets – their bright yellow colours marking the arrival of the new season. Fun Daffodil Ideas and Games to Play Outside Hunt around your garden or local park with your child and see if you can spot any daffodils. Then talk about how many are open and if there […]

How to Plant Broad Beans

Planting Broad Beans

While there are some things we can start off indoors in February, March is really the beginning of the busy planting period. Springtime usually sees frosts coming to an end, warmer days and plenty of rainfall to help those early shoots.  Why not try planting some broad beans with your child. These are easy to […]