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Waingels College
Waingels Road,

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Meet the Woodley Team

Meg Woodley Little Muddy Boots

Meg Heath

I grew up in the grey suburban sprawl of south east London, surrounded by buildings. However, my Nana and Grandad had an allotment attached to the back of their garden which I visited most weekends. My Grandad planted all sorts of fruit and vegetables and when I was about 6 years old he presented me with strawberries he had grown just for me. That red jewel in his hand was like treasure to me and I was hooked on planting, tending and growing a wide variety of crops with my Grandad for the rest of his life. 

My Dad was also a cub leader and many summer holidays were spent on cub camp under canvas in the woods. As a girl I couldn’t join the group but on camp I could light a fire, explore the woods and learn about the trees, animals and world around us. I loved it. 

When my son was small I wanted him to experience some of the things I did as a child. I discovered Little Muddy Boots in Sunninghill (now Bracknell) and I fell in love with the way the classes were run, the nuggets of information about our world that my son would come home with and the safe, nurturing atmosphere that is provided. It was our happy place: our time to be together and share my love of outdoors. I loved watching him grow in confidence, independence and knowledge, help others and explain to others why it is so very important to understand and care for this fragile, beautiful, incredible planet we live on. 

Little Muddy Boots Woodley is an opportunity for me to blend the numerous years of secondary languages teaching experience with my love of the outdoors and anything green. I look forward to seeing you in the little secret garden we have created. 

Little Muddy Boots Woodley Garden

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