10 Free Summer Holiday Outdoor Activity Ideas

We have put together a list of 10 outdoor activity ideas you could try over the Summer Holiday – and they don’t cost a penny! Have fun!

1. Do Some Yoga in the Garden

Children need to move to learn, to be active and to most importantly have fun! There are lots of different moves you could try together – pretend to be a tree, pretend to be a frog, pretend to be a butterfly, pretend to be a flower – the list could go on and on! Experiment with different moves together but most of all have fun with it!

2. Watch a Butterfly Dance

Take a moment to stop and watch a butterfly dancing around – see how long you can follow it for. They are just beautiful, and very calming to watch. See how many different varieties you can spot and talk about the colours together.

3. Try out Leaf Rubbing

Find an interesting leaf, place it on a hard, flat surface and place some (preferably thin) white paper over the top of it. Then take a crayon or colouring pencil and gently start rubbing over the area covering the leaf. Work with different leaves and different colours to make a beautiful picture.

4. Camp in the Garden

There is nothing more exciting than camping out in the back garden! And it doesn’t have to be all night – even just a few hours will provide plenty of excitement and memories.

5. Make a Daisy Chain

This is a wonderfully calming activity – collect as many daisies as you can then make a slit in the stem of the first daisy with your nail and thread another through it. Continue in this way to make your chain – turn it into a necklace or bracelet or simply see if you can make a really long chain by working together.

6. Read a Book Outside

Take some favourite books outside, sit on a blanket, under a tree or just on the grass and read in the fresh air together.

7. Fly a Kite

If there’s enough of a breeze take a kite to a large open space and get flying!

8. Make Nature Picture

Collect petals, leaves, twigs, pine cones and anything else you can find and see if you can create some artwork with them on the ground or by sticking onto some paper.

Flower Art

9. Go on a Bug Hunt

Take a look around on your next walk or even just when out in your garden and see what bugs you can find. Don’t forget to take a container to inspect them in and always release them back to where they belong. Read some more of our bug hunting tips here.

Bug Hunting Pots

10. Build a Den

Go as big or as small as you like! There are some wonderful sticks to be found in the woods and you could either add to what someone else has started or build your own. Or simply take some smaller sticks, twigs or bark and make a little den for some toys to live in.

What Else Can you Do?

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Summer Activity Cards

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