10 Free Things to do Outside in Your Garden This Summer

It can feel a little overwhelming trying to find ways to keep our children entertained while they are off school for the Summer. But not everything has to involve a big day out (and lots of money!) – there is plenty you can do from the comfort of your own garden and what’s even better is it’s free entertainment! Here are some ideas to help get you started.

1. Spot butterflies and do a painting or drawing of what you see

This is a lovely, calming activity for all ages. You can talk about symmetry when you do the artwork as well by folding a piece of paper in half, painting half of your butterfly on one side then folding over to create the other half.

Butterfly Painting

2. Create some flower art

Gather some petals from around the garden (don’t take more than you need) and see if your child can make them into a picture.

Flower Art

3. Lie on the grass, look up and watch the clouds

Another really calming activity – see if you can spot any shapes in the clouds as you lie back and relax for a moment or two.

4. Make a book reading corner

Make a little den in the garden and take some of your favourite books outside to read together in the fresh air.

5. Pick flowers and get your little one to have a go at flower arranging

See what flowers you can find in your garden and work with your child to arrange them to make a little posy for someone special or to display in a vase indoors.

6. Make a miniature garden

Find rocks, petals, sticks, grass etc and see if your child can create there own little garden.

Miniature Garden

7. Rock painting

This is a really fun activity – collect some stones, paint them and then hide them around the garden – see if you can find them all again!

8. Make perfume using petals and water

Collect petals from around the garden and add to water to see if you can create your own perfume – talk about the variety of smells the different petals have.


9. Plant a radish

Radishes are great for children to grow as you can see the changes happening quickly. Encourage your child to care for the plant themselves by ensuring it has plenty of sunlight and water. You could also measure it and keep track of how tall it is getting.


10. Do chalk drawings on a the patio or wall

Create artwork using chalk on the patio, fence or wall. Then use water to wash it off ready for another drawing.

What Else Can you Do?

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