10 things to find with your children this spring

Spring is a lovely time of year to be outside with your children and nature provides plenty to keep little ones entertained. Here are some ideas of things to look out for.

1. Lambs – Spring is lambing season so next time you’re out on a nature walk see if you can spot any little lambs galloping around in the fields. See how many you can count with your child before they hop away!

2. Blossom – Blossoming trees are a beautiful Spring sight. Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Apple trees produce some gorgeous blossom so keep an eye out for them and talk about all the different colours you can see together. You could discuss the shape of the petals and how many petals there are on each flower. You could also collect some of the fallen petals for some arts and crafts.

3. Bees – Blossoming trees are also a sign that it’s time for bees. See if you can spot the Queen Bee, talk about how they make the honey we eat at home, listen to the sound they make and look at the different colours on their bodies.

4. Birds – Spring is a busy time for parents in the animal kingdom, especially birds. See if you can spot any birds nests up in the trees (or have a go at making your own on the ground) and listen out for the beautiful bird song – can you find out which type of bird it is coming from?

5. Lighter nights – Notice how the nights are getting lighter and you can spend longer playing outside in the evenings.

6. Frog Spawn – Next time you’re out in the woodlands, see if you can find some frog spawn in the ponds. Talk together about how they will turn into tadpoles and then jumping frogs.

7. Spring Flowers – Spring brings with it so many beautiful flowers – see if you can spot delicate snowdrops, and crocuses, cheerful daffodils and bright tulips. Discuss the many different colours together. Maybe find a local bluebell walk to enjoy together.


8. Butterflies – They love the Spring blossom and the warmer days. Look out for the all the different colours as you spot the different species and maybe try and catch some in a butterfly net. Talk about how butterflies start off as a caterpillar – see if you can find any crawling around.

9. April Showers – Spring also brings rain! Head out for a walk in your wellies and splash about in the puddles together.

10. Buds on trees – Tree buds open up in the Spring so take a closer look at the trees you pass and see if you can spot any of the new leaves beginning to grow.

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