We know that there are many benefits to our mental and physical health by being out in the fresh air. But the benefits don’t stop there – we can use nature in education too! We have listed some examples here of how you can practise numbers, counting and maths with your little one just by using what you can find outside in your own garden or on your next nature walk. Happy counting!

Stones, Twigs and Leaves

Collect some stones, twigs, leaves or anything else you can find multiples of.

Count them up and maybe practise writing the total number next to the collection in chalk on the patio. You could even follow the chalk drawing and ‘write’ on top of it with your nature collection.

Counting in Nature

Why not try organising your findings in order from most to least.

Take some away or add some more in to practise basic addition and subtraction.


Measure the height of a small tree or the circumference of a tree trunk with measuring tape. Write down the measurement.

Measuring Trees

Measure several different trees and talk about which is the biggest and which is the smallest.

For older children, try guessing the measurement first then see how close you were when you get the measuring tape out.

Count the rings around a tree that has been cut down to see how old it is.

These are just a few of ways in which we can use nature to help teach our children about numbers. You could use flower petals too or count butterflies together. The possibilities are endless – and most importantly, fun!

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