Daffodil Games and Crafts

Daffodils are commonly known as Spring trumpets – their bright yellow colours marking the arrival of the new season.


Fun Daffodil Ideas and Games to Play Outside

Hunt around your garden or local park with your child and see if you can spot any daffodils. Then talk about how many are open and if there any still closed.

Perhaps have a run around and see if you can count or point out the daffodils and any other Spring flowers.

Try collecting a few Spring flowers and inspect them up close using a magnifying glass or a zoom lens on a camera or phone. This will help the children see the flower up close and even imagine what it is like to be a Spring bumble bee visiting each flower trumpet searching for nectar. 

Daffodil Close Up

Daffodil Craft to Try at Home

Why not have a go at making your own daffodils. Click here to find out how.

Daffodil Craft

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