Dressing your children for Autumn and Winter

Throughout this blog post we will share some useful tips for dressing your children for Autumn and Winter so they can enjoy playing and exploring the outdoors even during the colder months. You might also find some of the hints and tips useful for yourselves as well. 

The key to remember is there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! 

Little Muddy Boots top tips for Dressing your children for Autumn and Winter 
  • Layers, layers, layers are key to keeping your children warm. They can always take a layer off if they are too hot. For layers think thermals (top and trousers), fleece jumper, trousers and thick socks plus substantial boots or shoes. 
  • Always look at the weather before playing outdoors if you can. If it’s going to be wet make sure your child’s outer clothes are waterproof and obviously go out prepared to jump in muddy puddles! Remember if it has recently rained and but it is now dry outside you still might discover some muddle puddles so don’t miss the opportunity to play in them! All in one waterproofs or waterproof dungarees are great for keeping clothes underneath dry and clean, especially for little ones. As your child gets older you might find separate waterproof trousers and waterproof coat easier to manage. Top tip is to make sure the trousers are over the top of the boots to keep puddle water out!
  • Snow suits are great for cold frosty days or snowy days but can be bulky for everyday play.
Snow Suit Winter Clothing
  • Ensure your children are wearing footwear that will keep their feet dry and warm. Wellies are great and we would suggest you can add welly warmers for extra warmth. 
  • Make sure your children have hats and gloves on, you can alway take them off whilst playing outdoors. Waterproof gloves can help to keep hands warmer but you just want to make sure you find a pair which still give your child flexibly to use their hands for play and exploring.
Gloves and Hats Dress well
  • A snood is also a good option for colder days as keeping the neck warm can do wonders for maintaining body temperature. 

Also, we often find we are busy looking after our children and making sure they are warm. Make sure you don’t forget sensible clothing for the cooler weather for yourself too.

Keeping Adults Warm

Some of the brands we recommend for great outdoor clothing include Muddy Puddles, Trespass and Decathlon. You can also pick so great outdoor clothing up from the supermarkets. 

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