Growing Vegetables in a Small Space

You don’t have to have lots of space to grow your own vegetables. Growing vegetables at home is a great way to teach children about where their food comes from – it might also help to encourage them to eat their greens if they’re involved in the growing process themselves! Here are some clever ideas on how your can grow your own vegetables at home no matter how much space you have available!

A Mini Polytunnel – A polytunnel is a steel framed tunnel with a polythene cover used for growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. They come in all different shapes and sizes so you can choose the one most suitable for the space you have available.

Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes – You don’t have to limit yourself to planting on the ground! Use all the space available to you and maybe try planting in hanging baskets and window boxes too.

Plant Pots – A great way to keep everything nice and organised and a lovely space saver too. You can just plant as much as you have the space for.

The Windowsill – Try planting inside too! Herbs and lettuce will grow well here.

No matter where you’re planting, just make sure your crops have plenty of sunlight and water and enjoy growing and eating your own home grown food with your children!

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