Little Muddy Boots Are Award Winners!

We are extremely proud to have been named winners of the Best Local Independent Business and the Best Parent Run Business categories in the Little Ankle Biters Awards 2022!

Little Muddy Boots was founded by local parent Hannah Brewer back in 2014, with a vision of getting more children outdoor learning in nature whilst balancing it around being a full-time mum to two young boys. Today there are four Little Muddy Boots franchises, all run by parents, plus the business has created jobs for a further eight local parents who run classes and are behind the scenes supporting the businesses growth and operations. We are absolutely thrilled to be creating local jobs while in turn supporting local families enjoy the great outdoors.

Being named Best Independent Business is a huge accolade. We have seen thousands of children, parents and grandparents coming through our garden gates and it is just wonderful to receive this acknowledgment. We genuinely care about what we do, our environment and the children and families that experience Little Muddy Boots, and would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the years and voted for us in these awards.

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