Little Muddy Boots at the Royal Windsor Flower Show 2023

For the second year running, Little Muddy Boots has been delighted to work with the Royal Windsor Flower Show. Taking part in an incredible event, celebrating beautiful gardens, sustainability and the wonderful local community.

The Royal Windsor Rose Horticultural Society Schools’ Competition

As part of this collaboration, once again, Little Muddy Boots were honoured to work in partnership with Royal Windsor Rose & Horticultural Society to deliver the schools gardening competitions at the 116th Royal Windsor Flower Show.

This is such an exciting part of the event, and so wonderful to get so many local schools and children involved. As it was our second year, we were keen to support the school’s even further and a total of 12 local primary and independent schools were invited to take part in the annual wheelbarrow and potato growing competition.

As part of this, we sent Little Muddy Boots’ experts into the school to run bespoke gardening classes for the schools. Little Muddy Boots provided seed packets and seed potatoes, as well as a welcome pack and a dedicated web page with learning materials. We kept in contact with all the schools as they started their gardening journey to check they were getting on well.

The schools and the children that took part fully embraced the theme of ‘Sow, Grow and Share’ theme of this year. We saw schools reusing wheelbarrows previously donated to them, growing their plants from seed and hosting local plant swaps within their communities which was amazing to see.

We love nothing more at Little Muddy Boots than to see children fully enjoy and get involved with growing and nature because we know just how good it is for their well-being.

The Royal Windsor Flower Show on the 10th June

The Royal Windsor Flower Show took place on the 10th June and it was an absolute scorcher of a day. The schools that took part had all really upped the ante by designing and creating some truly spectacular wheelbarrows. Every single school that took part should be really proud of their efforts and we hope the wheelbarrows are now on display at their schools. 

Cranbourne School won the wheelbarrow competition for the 2nd year running and Holy Trinity Sunningdale won the potato competition. Every school that entered has then been gifted a set of gardening tools by Bulldog Tools

On the day Little Muddy Boots Windsor created a sensory garden space full of plants, shaded areas, a mud kitchen and log circle. The LMB Windsor team than ran multiple mini gardening and nature classes which covered all sorts of themes from wild flowers, herbs and sensory play, bees and butterflies to the ever popular campfire with smores. All the classes were a sell out and we had a gorgeous day meeting hundreds of local children and young families. 

Tina Wizard, Group Leader at Little Muddy Boots Windsor, was seriously tempted to join the children in the fun of the mud kitchen, it proved so inviting that 1-year-old Mila climbed in for a relaxing mud bath to cool down!

After the show we dismantled the garden and with the support of Ascot Racecourse have been able to donate it all as a sensory garden that’ll be located at Cranbourne School for their SEN children. We very much hope this can be something that Little Muddy Boots can do each year with the winning school. 

Amanda, LMG Group Leader shares her highlight; “My favourite moment was the sense of anticipation, that moment of silence, calm, accomplishment (and relief!) in the moments before the show is open to the public. Everything is set up beautifully and it’s the one moment you get to breathe and absorb it all in, look around and see all the flower displays, the school competition wheelbarrows, the stalls and all the other contributors just stop, for one second, then boom! The gates are open, the sun is shining, the crowds pour in, everyone is smiling, families are coming for their Little Muddy Boots experience, it was amazing.”

Hannah, LMB Founder, says ‘It was another fantastic event and one that the team did brilliantly on delivering. Not only did we see a huge boost in the creativity and gardening skills of the schools participating, but also the creation of a lovely children friendly garden space at the show. We had a brilliant day and we can’t wait to do it all again and see you all there in 2024!’



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