Little Muddy Boots Bracknell is Moving to Fernygrove

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In July we received some very sad news. Jealotts Hill Community Landshare, that has been the home of Little Muddy Boots Bracknell since the very beginning, and the place where our small business grew and flourished and enabled us to connect with so many wonderful members of the community, is closing.

Despite multiple discussions/ meetings it was clear we were going to have to find a new home for Little Muddy Boots. To say we were gutted is an understatement and we know that it’s not just our community of young families who are affected. The amazing volunteers and community groups at the Landshare will also lose their invaluable meeting/ social space.

All businesses have difficult times, and it’s how we overcome those challenges that can make or break us, and we are really pleased to share we have been working very hard and have some brilliant news!

After reaching out in the local area we are delighted to say we have found a wonderful new home Fernygrove Farm. We are really excited as we think this will be an fantastic new home for Little Muddy Boots Bracknell and all the amazing children and families that visit us every week. You can expect all of the same educational fun you had at JHCL, but now with an added bonus of gorgeous farm shop and cafe (and play area) to visit afterwards. You can even have grab a coffee to have with you during the class!

We will be communicating full details of move of classes shortly (as well as sneak peaks of the new site), but we hope you will visit us at our new garden space at Fernygrove (we have big things planned), and please be assured classes will continue as normal during this transition period. In fact, the children will be instrumental at helping us plant a new garden.

Little Muddy Boots Bracknell Class Move Dates

We will move across to the new classes at Fernygrove on the week of the 25th September. The address for the new site is Fernygrove Farm, Hawthorn Lane, Hawthorn Hill, RG42 6HN and will keep you updated with all of the changes on social media, if you have any concerns, please email us on

Thank you for supporting Little Muddy Boots Bracknell



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