Little Muddy Boots Franchise Opportunities

Franchise with Little Muddy Boots

It’s exciting times at Little Muddy Boots as we are now enabling more Little Muddy Boots gardens to open up across the United Kingdom, with people like yourself being able to run them as their own franchise. Little Muddy Boots has a vision to inspire and engage more toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary aged children, not to mention their families and carers, throughout the country.  

More about Little Muddy Boots

Little Muddy Boots was founded in 2014 to actively engage and support young children in their understanding and exploration of the natural world. Little Muddy Boots is a place for families to engage, have fun and inspire their little ones but also a friendly and welcoming environment for parents and grandparents to engage with other adults in their same life stage as themselves. Our lessons blend gardening, wildlife observation and Forest School activities to deliver a class that suits every child. From the quiet bug hunter, to the busy mud kitchen chef. 

Why franchise with Little Muddy Boots?

Since our launch in 2014, Little Muddy Boots has quickly become a popular attraction within the local community, educating thousands of children over the years, whilst creating jobs and incomes for the Little Muddy Boots outdoor educators. Little Muddy Boots have a tried and tested business model and engaging lesson plans ready for franchises to use year round. When becoming a franchise owner you will get your own dedicated territory and will have the opportunity to grow your businesses through a range of different classes and parties. You will become part of a growing national network of Little Muddy Boots franchises. Upon signing up to be a franchise owner, we will deliver bespoke training, on-going support and an in-depth franchise manual to help get your business established. 

What type of person would make a good Little Muddy Boots owner?

To run a Little Muddy Boots franchise you need to;

  • Relish the challenge of running your own business, with passion and a ‘can do’ attitude to deliver an exceptional service.
  • Love being outside in a garden or woodland setting, whatever the weather.
  • Enjoy gardening, garden/woodland wildlife, and someone who loves updating ones knowledge by reading professional publications and participating in educational opportunities.
  • Be able to and enjoy leading and engaging a group of 16 toddlers/preschoolers along with their adults.
  • Love learning and teaching others new things, and be a confident, natural communicator.
  • Be hard working, motivated and strive for the very best. Work well under pressure, is well-organised, observant and has a strong sense of attention to detail. 
  • Enjoy being ‘centre-stage’ and is a natural host, who is both an engaging performer/ entertainer and an approachable team player.
How do I enquire about being a Little Muddy Boots franchise owner?

If you would like to find out more about our Little Muddy Boots Franchises please do get in touch via email franchise@hellolittlemuddyboots-co-uk

Click here to read about the opening of our Little Muddy Boots Woodley franchise.


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