Outdoor Challenge Activities To Enjoy All Summer

The school holidays are just around the corner. With six weeks stretched out in front of us, we wanted to provide you with some wonderful outdoor challenge activities to enjoy all summer!

While we can never rely on the British weather to always play ball, these activities will help get your child excited about being outdoors. They can be played all summer and there’s no limit to how many times you do each one. Activities like these are a wonderful way to bond with your child and create memories to cherish.

Don’t forget, we are running Summer Holiday Sessions throughout the school holiday, so as well as completing our outdoor challenge activities, why not join us in the Little Muddy Boots garden for a class too?

Read on for some brilliant ideas to keep your child entertained outside this summer.

Read A Book Outdoors

What could be better than reading your child’s favourite book to them with the natural sounds of your garden or local park as background noise? Grab a book and a blanket to sit on, and snuggle up together outdoors.

read a book outside this summer

Have A Picnic

A classic summer (or year-round depending on how adventurous you are!) activity. Pack up some yummy goodies and take a walk to your favourite outdoor haunt to enjoy lunch alfresco.  For some amazing picnic inspiration, click here.

Pack berries for a yummy summer picnic

Make A Bird Feeder

Birds are an important indicator of biodiversity and encouraging them to spend time in your outside space is a wonderful thing to do. A simple bird feeder can help to keep them happy. One example is to thread some hoop cereal onto a pipe cleaner and hang from a tree. Alternatively, rub lard onto a pine cone and roll in bird seed before hanging up in the garden. The birds will thank you for it. They may even grab a few caterpillars and aphids in the process, helping to keep your flowers happy too!

Brew A Petal Potion

Use some summertime blooms to make a petal potion. Carefully pick some petals and mix with water, herbs and anything else you’d like to add to brew a special, summery concoction!

Brewing a petal potion

Play With Chalks

A very simple activity is to grab some bright jumbo chalks and decorate your patio or garden path. Your child will love putting their artistic stamp on your outdoor space!

Go On A Bug Hunt

See how many minibeasts you can spot as you play outside. Make a list of your favourite insects. Then turn over logs, big stones or search for ladybirds and butterflies among flowers and see how many you can cross off your list.

outdoor challenge activity - spot a beetle

Make A Colour Match Picture

This is a beautiful and creative activity. Either paint, print or cut a picture out from a magazine. Take a stroll outside and see what treasures you can find that match the colours in the picture. Petals, grasses, leaves – there’s no limit to what you could match!

outdoor challenge activities for this summer

Roll Down A Big Hill

Rolling down a great big hill is a brilliantly fun past time. This is a challenge to enjoy all summer. Children will love running to the top and racing each other down to the bottom. How many hills can you find to roll down this holiday?

Cook S’mores

If you’ve attended a Little Muddy Boots class before, particularly in the colder months, you’ll know how much we love a s’more! Why not try and make your own at home? With the help of an adult, toast some marshmallows over a small BBQ before sandwiching in your favourite biscuits. The challenge? Seeing who can get the least amount of marshmallow on their face and fingers while eating!

Make A Journey Stick

Go on an adventure with your child and collect treasure along the way with a journey stick. Find a stick and wrap some string around it. Then attach flowers, herbs, interesting leaves and anything else you come across to your stick. It makes a lovely keepsake.

A great outdoor challenge activity - make a journey stick

Create A Bark Rubbing

Bark patterns vary between tree species. Take a walk around your neighbourhood and make a bark rubbing for the different trees you pass. See if you can identify the trees by their bark.

Get Muddy!

If the weather isn’t being kind, embrace any downpours by getting outside for some fresh air anyway. Take a walk in your local woodland or footpath, splash in puddles, pick flowers and see who can get the muddiest!

Now you’re all set for the holidays with these outdoor challenge activities to enjoy all summer! Feel free to tag us on social media, we love seeing your efforts.

Download our outdoor play challenge here

To find out more about our Summer Holiday Classes, get in touch.



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