Top 5 Gardening Tips for Children

As well as being lots of fun, gardening for children is a great way to explore their senses, learn about nature, and develop an interest in healthy living.  Gardening is also a fantastic way to spend time together outdoors as a family. Here are some of our top tips for gardening with children.

1. Take your child to the garden centre and let them look at all the seeds, plants and bulbs that can be planted in the garden to help inspire them. Let them choose the ones that they are most interested in. Have a look at point 3, which gives you an idea of what is easier to grow.

2. Invest in some small gardening tools for your child e.g. a trowel, watering can and gloves. You can then have a set of tools each!

3. Grow something with your child which will give results – e.g. sunflowers, lettuce, radishes or strawberries (for strawberries buy a plant from the garden centre rather than grow from seed). The children can then watch it grow and even eat the fruit, vegetable or salad at the end as a reward for all their hard work!

4. Read nature books together. There are some wonderful books out there – why not learn all about the different plants and insects you might find in your own back garden. Here are some of our recommendations;

  • National Trust: Out and About Minibeast Explorer
  • iSpy Nature: Spy it! Score it!
  • Nature Stories: Little Acorn

5. Let your children be hands-on in the garden. Get them to plant the seeds/seedlings with you and encourage them to water and care for the plants. Explain the importance of water, soil and sunlight. Let them take responsibility for what they plant, but be there to guide them and answer their questions.

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