Creating a Sensory Garden at Cranbourne Primary School

Creating a Sensory Garden at Cranbourne Primary School - image of a blonde woman in a blue photo shirt and jeans and a dakr haired woman in a red jacket and plack patterned trousers standing in a sensory garden

Now that the excitement of the Royal Windsor Flower Show has settled down a little, Little Muddy Boots have been delivering prizes to the winners and returning the amazing wheelbarrows to the schools that created them. As part of this project we have also been creating a sensory garden at Cranbourne Primary School.

This year, for the Royal Windsor Flower Show we were very lucky to be supported by a donation from Ascot Racecourse. This donation enabled us to make an even better stand at the Flower Show to welcome children and help them become immersed in the wonderful world of gardening and the outdoors.

This generous donation also meant that Little Muddy Boots has been able to take parts of the garden we created at The Royal Windsor Flower Show and help a local school, Cranbourne Primary School, to create a sensory garden to support their students’ health and well-being.

Sensory gardens are proven to be help with children’s development, concentration, and also to make children to feel happier and calmer. At Little Muddy Boots we love nothing more than to see children and their families embracing the outdoor world and learning about nature, so this project was something we were really proud to be involved with.

The children at Cranbourne Primary School will now have a place to go to, to enjoy being outdoors and that supports them with their mental health and happiness.

Sarah Stone, Cranbourne Primary School Voluntary Fundraising Manager says: “We are delighted to see The Sensory Garden project at Cranbourne Primary School come to fruition. It’s such an important part of children’s well-being to spend time outdoors as part of their education. The space was previously redundant and thanks to the generosity of local businesses, such as Little Muddy Boots, a wonderful space for the children to relax in and enjoy has emerged. Together the school and Little Muddy Boots, with support from Ascot Racecourse, were able to fund the abundance of sensory plants that have breathed life back into the garden and will flourish for generations of school children to come.”

Hannah Brewer, Little Muddy Boots Founder says: “I love nothing more than to see children flourish outside, I am a Mum of 3 and know myself just how important being outdoors is for my children’s well-being. I dream of seeing sensory gardens in every school across the UK. As a small business, this is something we would not have been able to have achieve on our own, so we are all very grateful for Ascot Racecourse’s support on this project.”

Jacqui Greet, Corporate Responsibility Manager at Ascot Racecourse says: “We were delighted to be able to support Little Muddy Boots create this sensory garden and in turn help Cranbourne Primary School.  Having access to outdoor space and being inspired to learn more about the power of plants is something all children can reap rewards from and the project dovetailed nicely with our wider schools engagement initiatives and sustainability programmes.”



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