‘Grow Your Own’ is an element of our teaching that we feel is so important to educate the children about. We have been planting seeds and growing food with children since the creation of Little Muddy Boots back in 2014.

Little Muddy Boots Garden

Why is Growing Your Own important?

We believe it’s important for children to not only know where food comes from but also to see for themselves the power of nature; that from one tiny seed you can grow a plant (some of which you can eat) and from that tiny seed the plant will produce multiple seeds to help ensure the plant species survives for generations to come. 

What does Grow Your Own teach children?

Growing Your Own allows children to dig in the earth and take responsibility for nurturing a plant, from planting the seed with care, to ensuring it has enough sunlight and moisture to enjoying the beauty of a flower once blossoming, to see a tree sapling grow into a baby tree or to taste the freshest tomato or juiciest strawberry they have ever tasted. 

Grow your own strawberries
Our lesson plans

Whether in a Little Muddy Boots class or online, our lesson plans regularly focus on planting seeds, suitable for the appropriate season. We plant everything from radishes to potatoes, beans and garlic plus we love our annual sunflower competition; seeing everyone’s efforts and little faces when they have a giant 6ft sunflower growing in their gardens. The plant lifecycles are intertwined into our lesson plans and allow the children to try a carefully selected range of activities, puzzles, challenges and crafts. 

For the future

Whilst we grow plants at Little Muddy Boots, one of our main aims is to inspire families to get the interest, skills, passion and confidence to continue to grow plants and food in their own gardens for many years to come. 

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