Interview with Becky Goddard-Hill

Today we’re really excited to welcome to the blog and interview children’s author and therapist Becky Goddard-Hill. She has written 8 beautiful books all designed to improve children’s mental health and well-being. Including her nature book – A Year of Nature Craft and Play: 52 Things to Make and Do which is very much in keeping with the Little Muddy Boots ethos of getting children out and playing in nature.

If you haven’t come across Becky’s books before, we have listed them at the bottom of this post so you can check them out, but first we thought we would ask Becky a few questions and get to know her a bit more.

1. Welcome to the Little Muddy Boots blog Becky, tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to become an author

Hi, I have been writing books on well being for quite a while and as a psychotherapist and former social worker I have always been focused on supporting children’s emotional health.  As a parent crafting form nature featured heavily in my kid’s younger years and I knew how beneficial it had been for them in so many ways. It felt a natural evolution form writing books on my well-being to writing a book on nature craft and play as the two are so closely intertwined.

I also have a great friend Catherine Hughes an established garden blogger and together we were bursting with nature craft and play ideas, and keen to share them.  It was such a pleasure to create this book and we are currently working on a new nature book together out n September 2023.

2. As you know, at Little Muddy Boots we’re passionate about getting children outdoors and the benefits of nature-based play and education. What would you say to any parent to encourage them to get them outdoors with their child more?

The great outdoors bring so many benefits to your child’s physical and mental health it is the BEST kind of therapy!  It is also free and constant source of entertainment and encourages kids’ creativity and resourcefulness, problem solving and observation sills. It is education and health wrapped up in play. Get them outside!

3. What is the one piece of advice you would give to a parent of a young child?

Get outside each and every day don’t wait for the weather to be sunny and dry. Nature boosts everyone’s mood!

4. What tip would you give to help parents promote happiness in children?

A wonderful way to boost happiness in kids is to encourage kindness, to each other, to the planet and to themselves. Kindness brings an instant hit of joy to everyone involved (especially the giver) and will always make a child feel good. So encourage them to sweep leaves for their neighbour, feed the birds and make granny some cookies and you will have a happier child.

5. Which is the book you are most proud of and why?

The book I am most proud of is create your own kindness, it was the subject of my TED X talk and is dedicated to my mum who was the kindest lady ever. It is my dream that it inspires everyone to treat each other and our beautiful planet with love and respect.

You can buy all of Becky’s books on Amazon, visit her author page here. Her books include: A Year of Nature Craft and Play, Create Your Own Calm, Create Your Own Happy, Be Happy Be You, Create Your Own Kindness, 365 Days of Happy, 365 Days of Calm and 365 Days of Kind.

You can also watch Becky’s Ted Talk on kindness below.



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