Introducing Intergenerational Classes

We’re really excited to introduce a new type of class here at Little Muddy Boots. As you know, we’re passionate about getting outdoors and families enjoying the wonders of the outside world. We also know the value of being outdoors for family and building relationships.

Which is why we’re delighted to launch a new type of class – Intergenerational Classes, which have been started off at Rivermede Court Care Home in Egham. This is an hour long class gardening and nature class aimed at bringing different generations together.

Each family or child who joins the classes are paired with a resident, the aim of this to to build friendship and connection. The classes, like a normal Little Muddy Boots class are full of gardening, and nature-inspired arts and craft activities. This is about sharing the joy of the outdoors together.

We all know how good the outdoors is for our mental and physical health. but research has also shown that intergenerational classes help both older and younger generations. These sessions help the older generation to boost their social connections and reduce isolation. For the younger generation it helps with listening skills, education, motivation, and self-esteem.

The classes have been running for a month now, and we have seen some lovely connections grow, it’s amazing to see how working with the older generation has helped the children in the class with their confidence and empathy.

Helping them to understand how to connect with others. We are really excited to watch this class grow and are planning to bring residents over to Jealott’s Hill in Bracknell for some classes too. Excitingly, We have even had the Mayor or Egham visit!

The mayor visiting our Intergenerational classes in Egham

If you would like to join us and try one of the classes, we would love to see you there. We offer £5 taster sessions. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or drop us an email You can book onto a class here.



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