At Little Muddy Boots we encourage learning through play and discovery which includes Messy Play.

How do we inspire Messy Play at Little Muddy Boots?

We inspire the children to make mud pies, leaf cakes and potions. We encourage your children to play outside in the snow, rain and wind. Crafting, painting, mark making, den building, fruit picking, vegetable patch digging, camp fire making are all things Little Muddy Boots children do. We encourage them to get messy! We also endorse hand-washing during and after sessions plus a good bath at the end of the day!  

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Why do we encourage messy play?

Well, it firstly inspires your children to be inquisitive, allowing them to explore the world, ask questions and learn new skills. Messy play helps with language development and communications. It is also great for physical development and during our classes on and offline our lessons plans help children to focus on their fine and gross motor skills essential for strengthening those little muscles.

Messy play and the outdoor environment are both also fantastic for developing children’s concentration. Examples of Messy Play at Little Muddy Boots include bug hunting, apple bobbing, hedgehog house making, muddy puddle jumping and painting using natural materials. 

Autumn Leaves

Through Little Muddy Boots sessions you will learn to embrace mess and see the positives in your childs’ development, far out weigh a bit of tidying up.

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