New Garden Donated to Winkfield Primary School

We’ve been extremely busy this year but one of the many highlights so far is our Little Things Count Half Term Collaboration with The Lexicon. As part of the joint project, Little Muddy Boots along with The Lexicon are thrilled to have been able to donate a wonderful new biodiversity garden to Winkfield St Mary’s CofE Primary School.

A selection of Year 4 students from the school helped our Founder Hannah and Little Muddy Boots team member Karen set up the new donated garden. It was a memorable and enjoyable day, with the children learning lots of new gardening skills and having fun in the process!

Planting the garden at winkfield primary school

Features of the garden

The new garden at Winkfield Primary School contains two large planters, which the children built themselves. They loved learning how to carefully use the drill to put them together.

drilling new planters in winkfield primary school donated garden

This exercise also demonstrated excellent teamwork among the students. They listened to instructions and worked together to do a brilliant job building the raised beds.

They then selected plants for the beds, which they planted and watered.

Children select plants for new donated garden at winkfield primary school

As well as the planters, pallets were used to create a giant bug hotel. The children had great fun filling pots with a variety of natural materials. They then inserted them into the pallets. The result was a nice big minibeasts hotel full of nooks and crannies, perfect for supporting a diverse range of insects in the primary school garden.

Part of the donated garden at winkfield primary school - bug hotel

Outdoor learning experiences

To help the children understand the importance of biodiversity, we also gave a workshop on minibeasts, birds and other local wildlife in the new donated garden at the primary school. The children enjoyed using binoculars to search and identify local birds. Birds are a valuable indicator of biodiversity and it was great to see the students getting into the birdwatching spirit.


We know how beneficial these outdoor learning opportunities are for children’s development and wellbeing. Not only are they now empowered with knowledge of how to look after the new garden, it’s created a wonderfully positive space for them to enjoy, learn and thrive in.

Of the day, our Founder Hannah said:

“We have loved working with The Lexicon and local families and schools teaching them about biodiversity. We taught over 400 children during half term all about helping local wildlife. Visiting Winkfield Primary school and creating a garden space where nature can thrive at their school and where children can learn in a positive outdoor space has been the icing on the cake to an amazing project and collaboration.”

A fun day creating bug hotels

Winkfield St Mary’s CofE Primary School Headteacher, Rachel Tomkins said:

“Year 4 had a really exciting morning creating a biodiversity area out in the school grounds. With help from Hannah and Karen from Little Muddy Boots, they were able to construct two wooden planters and produce an enormous bug hotel. The children were able to show off their careful drilling and teamwork skills as they built the planters. They then selected a range of different plants to put into them and spent some time watering them. Additionally, the children each had a small pot to fill with sticks, leaves, soil and pine cones. These were then inserted into the bug hotel, creating the start of a fantastic home for all of the minibeasts. What a fantastic outdoor learning opportunity!”

Sue Boor, the head of marketing at The Lexicon said:

“Our Little Things Count campaign was a huge success, with hundreds of children being encouraged to explore and appreciate nature in a hands-on way. We are pleased to enable Winkfield St Mary’s Primary School to create its own educational biodiversity space.”

 To read more about our Half Term collaboration with The Lexicon or other school projects we’ve worked on, visit our blog.



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