Seeds to Plant this September with Children

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Planting seeds with your children is such a wonderful, educational and rewarding experience. There are plenty of seeds you can plant with your child this September. It does not have to be time consuming and you can just start with just one pot if you’re a beginner. It enables children to learn about the lifecycle of flowers and plants. Growing vegetables teaches children just where their food comes from from seed to plate, and they really love getting involved in the process too.

Vegetables to Plant in September with Children

If you have never grown vegetables with your children, don’t let the change of weather put you off, now is a great time to start. Children find it a fascinating experience from sowing the seeds, to watering and feeding, and finally being able to pick and cook with their very own ingredients. What better way to eat than with food you have grown yourself? If you have a fussy eater who isn’t keen on their veggies, it can get them to try things they may not have before.

A fab vegetable to plant straight away is radishes. They only take about four of weeks to grow, which means you have time to plant and grow them before the weather gets cooler. The quick growing cycle is very rewarding for children because they do not have to wait too long. They can see them their seeds grow to food in a matter of weeks.

Vegetables to plant now that will be ready for picking in early spring include: broad beans, peas, turnips (which will be ready in time for Christmas), spinach and winter lettuce.

If you do not have a lot of space, we have written a post of growing vegetables in a small space you might want to check out.

Bulbs, Bulbs, Bulbs

September and October is the perfect time so start planting your bulbs. It’s always wonderful to see daffodils and snowdrops when they starts to pop up early in the year, getting us excited for the start of spring. September is the time to plant up your daffodils and tulips. Remember even if you don’t have a garden, a pot on your balcony or even an outdoor window planter is just as good and just as fun.


Wildflowers are so important. They are huge pollinators for bees and insects throughout the seasons, not just in the spring and summer. They have complex root systems that help soil to handle heavy rainfall and during the winter months become an important food source for wildlife. So if you can only manage to plant something small this month, why not just start with a packet of wildflowers? You can pick up a packet in your local garden centre for as little as £1.

Happy growing!



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