Little Muddy Boots Cheltenham Launch Party

Books at LMB Cheltenham

Little Muddy Boots Cheltenham opened it’s garden gates for the first time on 2nd August 2022, by welcoming 18 children and their adults into the garden for the launch party. The party started with a ribbon cutting and the Founder of Little Muddy Boots, Hannah Brewer was welcomed and introduced to the families in attendance […]

5 different ways to use a stick

Hapa Zome Butterfly

Many people just see a stick as a stick but a stick has many uses and is actually a fantastic resource for play and learning. Read below 5 different ways to use a stick; These are just 5 ways you can use sticks, sticks are also great for counting, making shelters for toy animals, building […]

The Muddy Boots, Happy Hearts Campaign is launched

Muddy Boots, Happy Hearts

Little Muddy Boots has launched its Muddy Boots, Happy Hearts Campaign which is an online campaign which will run throughout February 2022. The campaign will be championing nature and the positive benefits nature and the Little Muddy Boots experience can have on a families positive and mental well-being. This campaign will be online experience and […]

Little Muddy Boots Franchise Opportunities

Little Muddy Boots - Franchise with us

Franchise with Little Muddy Boots It’s exciting times at Little Muddy Boots as we are now enabling more Little Muddy Boots gardens to open up across the United Kingdom, with people like yourself being able to run them as their own franchise. Little Muddy Boots has a vision to inspire and engage more toddlers, pre-schoolers […]

Little Muddy Boots launches it’s first ever franchise

Little Muddy Boots Woodley

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Little Muddy Boots has launched it’s first ever franchise in Woodley, Berkshire. Little Muddy Boots was founded in 2014 by Hannah Brewer who has always had a vision to get more children outdoors playing and learning through nature. By opening up franchises across the UK, this […]

Dressing your children for Autumn and Winter

Autumn and Winter Clothing

Throughout this blog post we will share some useful tips for dressing your children for Autumn and Winter so they can enjoy playing and exploring the outdoors even during the colder months. You might also find some of the hints and tips useful for yourselves as well.  The key to remember is there is no […]

Bulb planting and root growth

Bulb Planting

Autumn is the perfect time of year to plant bulbs in the garden ready for them to flower in spring. This is because the ground is still warm enough to let the plant settle and take root before the harshness of winter. In this blog post we show you how to plant a bulb so […]

5 things to do with Blackberries

Blackberry Smoothie

The end of August and September brings us blackberry season, a sweet hedgerow berry which has been foraged for many generations. Here are 5 things to do with Blackberries.  What can I do with Blackberries?  Blackberry Ink and Quill Writing – pick 20 blackberries, mush them up in a pot. Then find a feather and […]

Messy Play


At Little Muddy Boots we encourage learning through play and discovery which includes Messy Play. How do we inspire Messy Play at Little Muddy Boots? We inspire the children to make mud pies, leaf cakes and potions. We encourage your children to play outside in the snow, rain and wind. Crafting, painting, mark making, den […]

Grow Your Own


‘Grow Your Own’ is an element of our teaching that we feel is so important to educate the children about. We have been planting seeds and growing food with children since the creation of Little Muddy Boots back in 2014. Why is Growing Your Own important? We believe it’s important for children to not only […]